Hydro Energia and the environment

Hydro Power is well known as a renewable energy source for the daily needs of our families and industries, with a very low impact on the environment and wildlife compared with possible alternative sources, both in terms of construction and operation as well for long-term life cycle assessment. This simple concept might be far enough for being proudly part the development of Hydro Power, as a declaration of the highest sensitivity to environmental issues, but… additional steps are becoming mandatory, in modern design and technology, as well for plant management, in order to further reduce any possible environmental impact of the new or refurbished Hydro Power Plants. For this reason HYDRO ENERGIA has been entitled with the Environmental Management Certification System UNI EN ISO 14001, developing its own technologies to reducing any risk of pollution of the water processed by the equipment, avoiding the use of mineral lubricants, minimizing the use of water for auxiliary processes (with the choice of close-circuit cooling systems) and materials and painting fully compliant with the needs of clean water processes, according with the requirements of water intended for human consumptions. While designing our equipment for treating precious water, we are aware that (sooner or later) we will have to drink it.

The environmental Management system
Consult the certificated UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 in pdf format

Quality, a costant source of inspiration

The team of Hydro Energia applies the highest concepts of quality to the equipment and services provided, as a daily investment in their very immediate and obvious returns: highest value for the investors, better long term performance, less operational problems and easiest troubleshooting, and… sleeping sound at night. Would you invest in something of lesser value, if you could choose? The choice of implementing a certified UNI EN ISO 9001 quality management system, for Hydro Energia, came as an easy opportunity following a long-established practice applied since the very first installations.


Hydro Energia recognizes the achievement and maintenance of specific standards of quality system and preservation of the top level of HSE, as a strategic element to consolidate their name in the market. Training and resources have been invested to ensure top quality at quality assurance every level, in the new project as well as in the refurbishment of the existing plants, by means of qualifying staff in Quality monitoring and for NDT inspections. Hydro Energia’s commitment is to comply its high quality standards, in accordance to the present-EN, DIN, IEC codes, by checking its cycle of production with severe guidelines that fit to customer needs. Thanks to the expertise of our technicians and high standard in the quality system management we have obtained important national and international certifications:

- Quality Management System complies with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

- Environmental Management System complies with UNI EN ISO 14001:2004
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
Consult the certificated in pdf format

Consult the certificated in pdf format

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015
Consult the certificated in pdf format

Positive relationships and reputation

As you can see through clean water, you will be allowed to look through our business, both for technical and contractual issue, as well as for the behavior and approach of our employees and sub-contractors. Negotiated contracts will always be intended as instruments to reach a common positive result, and any request of change or update will be openly considered upon the fairest bases – long term positive relationships and reputation are our primary targets. Our offices and workshops will be open for your representatives, and any technical detail can be explained and discussed with your technicians in order to provide the most satisfying solutions for your needs. To ensure this approach was important and necessary to adopt governance procedures for most of our processes, and a continuous training, review and auditing with our employees, managers and contractors, but this came easy as simple expression of our values.


Hydro Energia S.r.l. reinforced its Corporate Governance System, adopting its own Organization, Management and Control System. Therefore Hydro Energia S.r.l. binds itself to keep a fair and impartial conduct in business relationships, characterized by the highest standards of integrity and loyalty, avoiding clashes of corporate and personal interests. Hydro Energia S.r.l. Corporate Governance regulations refer to ethical and behavioural values and to principles contained in the “Code of Ethics”. The Code of Ethics is applied to all employees and to all those who, directly or indirectly, permanently or temporary, act in the name and on behalf of Hydro Energia S.r.l. Hydro Energia S.r.l. doesn’t set nor carry on business relationships with consultants, supplier or any other who expressly refuses to respect or violates the Code of Ethics. As per the Organization, Management & Control Form, Hydro Energia S.r.l. established its own Supervisory Body. To contact with Hydro Energia S.r.l. Supervisional Body regarding the Organization, Management and Control Form: Email : odv[AT]hydroenergia.it

Note: Due to problems encountered with 'Spam' messages it is required that the email address is typed as follows: odv [AT] hydroenergia.it (attention [AT] is to be read @)

Ordinary Mail (in sealed envelope) to :
Organismo di Vigilanza
presso Hydro Energia S.r.l.
Via Quarantadue Martiri n° 165
28924 Verbania (VB)

All data and information provided will be treated confidentially and in accordance with Privacy Regulations in force.

Code of ethics
Consult the code of ethics in pdf format

Let’s go and see our turbines, now...

Our Turbines

Of course the turbines and the water-to-wire technical equipment are the gravity center of Hydro Energia, and everything in the know-how of our staff rotates around them; for this reason our choice has been to give them a dedicated and quite peripheral section. We thought that any first visiting guest to our home should appreciate the comfort of sitting in clean, sustainable and safe lounge, appreciating the quality of the furniture and the hospitality of a reliable and responsible host, before moving deeper into the hard-core technology and what we can do for helping your energy business. Such values as safety, environment, quality and transparency are becoming very sensible topics for most of our partners and customers, and we are feeling the same, therefore we decided to put them under the spotlight, as they are not complementary but necessary attitudes to provide the greatest technology solutions in a strong and reliable business partnership.

Let’s go and see our turbines, now...

Hydro Energia know how

Hydro Energia is an Italian company established in 2011, with the acquisition of the whole know-how, references and human resources from the Hydropower BU of CO-VER Energia, a general contractor with more than twenty-five years of experience in providing EPC Services for the supply of Small Hydroelectric Power Plant, with a proprietary technology for the design and manufacturing of hydroelectric turbines. The large commercial overview supported by proven technical know-how allowed us to operate from more than twenty years as a major player of the hydro market. Even though the company historically operated in the Italian market, the new company, young and dynamic, has already started a process of internationalization that brought important contracts in the major markets abroad.

Product & Services: Hydroelectric Turbines

The Hydro Energia own hydroelectric Turbines technology is based on 25 years long experience in design and production of the main type of turbines such as Kaplan, Francis and Pelton from 100 kW up to 40 MW, each ones with various setting according to the needs of our Costumers. In the last years more than 150 hydro units have been engineered, manufactured, assembled, delivered and commissioned by our team, for more than 235 MW of installed power and an yearly capability of production of more than 500 GWh.

The design of each turbines is performed in order to get the best performance according to the hydraulic site condition

Product & Services: Automation and Control System

Hydro Energia develops the highest skills and specializations in the design and implementation of Automation and Control System. Complex and complete monitoring system based on top level SCADA can be provided together with the equipment, totally integrated in the automation system, in order guarantee safe and reliable operation of the Hydro Power Plant and prevent possible failures and production losses. Advanced system of Remote Control and Data Transfer assure constant connection with the Hydro Power Plant to check all the relevant parameters of the units from Costumers Data Room or from any other Control Station.

Product & Services: EPC contractor

Hydro Energia operates as EPC Contractor for the supply of small Hydro Power Plants, with the capability of designing, manufacturing and installing electromechanical equipment for energy production, based upon its own technology for hydroelectric turbines.
Hydro Energia can provide a full production cycle where each stage is developed according to the EN ISO 9001:2008 standard for quality, and operates along an UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 certified Environmental Management system.
Hydro Energia can provide a wide range of tailor made solutions for installation in new power plants or for a low-impact revamping of the existing ones.

Specialized after-sales services (24h/7)

The background of the Company and the experience developed in several projects allow Hydro Energia to provide also complete solution for hydropower installations and to grant a high quality sales service. A specialized team of engineers and technicians provides the commissioning, start-up and O&M activities for each plant, ensuring the best after sales services and the best follow-up of the Customer after the hand-over of the plant.

Safety: not only data

The whole organization of Hydro Energia highly values the expression of technical contents and operational performances in a safer job environment, as a consequence of a self-imposed safety management policy which includes continuous training and awareness for employees, sub-contractors and sometimes investors and customers' employees. The highest safety level for installation and operation is pursued starting from the very first steps of the design of the equipment, applying simple and well thought solutions for easing installation, accessibility and maintenance, out of a long experience. Long term operational safety devices, such as dedicated transducers and interlocks fully integrated in the automation system of the plant, are fundamental part of the standard contents of our equipment, fully compliant and exceeding the stronger European regulations: we are proud to provide our customers with our uncompromising approach to safety issues.

Hydro Energia S.r.l.

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